• Donna Salas-Porras - Celebrate Recovery

    My goal is to reach out to those with hurting and broken lives, and those who struggle with addictive behaviors.  I know that the ministry of Celebrate Recovery works, because I too, once was a person who struggled with a broken and scared past who could not make healthy choices to live a life of freedom.  Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centered program for individuals or entire families who struggle with any kind of hurt, hang-up, or habit. We become free from compulsive and addictive behaviors while we learn to apply Biblical principles to our lives.
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  • Cesar Duran - Worship Ministry

    Our mission as the worship team at Jesus Chapel is to lead others into a Spirit-engaged sincere worship of God by endeavoring to create an atmosphere where people can connect with Him.  Our primary purpose is to give God the glory, honor and praise that He deserves.
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  • Jill Giallanza - Children's Ministry (overseeing nursery thru 8th grade)

    I have worked with children for over 18 years and desire to see the  GOOD NEWS move mightily in the hearts of children so that they would know Jesus in a personal way as Lord and Savior. 
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  • Ernesto Hernandez - Greeters Ministry

    The first time I went to a Christian church I was greeted with a friendly smile and a hug.  Althought it felt strange, it made me feel good at the same time.  I also believe it prepared me to receive the worship and message that followed.  The reason I accepted to head this ministry is because I want everyone to experience the same thing I did the first time I walked inside that church.