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Jesus Chapel Wedding policy

If you are interested in having your wedding ceremony conducted here at Jesus Chapel, there are some important things you should know.

First, our general policy is to conduct weddings only for those who are committed to Jesus Chapel as their home church, or for family members of committed people. Marriage is a very sacred institution, ordained by God Himself in the very beginning of the Bible. We do not wish to conduct ceremonies for the general public, as we cannot in good conscience ask God’s blessing upon people who may not be living according to His standards.

Along this same line, we cannot in good conscience conduct a wedding ceremony for anyone who is not a true Christian believer. That is, we cannot marry couples consisting of a believer and an unbeliever, or an uncommitted believer. We believe this goes against the plain teaching of scripture which says that a believer must not be “unequally yoked together with an unbeliever.” (2 Cor. 6:14) We do not wish to offend or hurt anyone, and we do not say this because we wish to stand in judgment of anyone. We say it because we believe it is what God’s Word says. We believe God says this because He loves us and wants to help us build a solid marriage on the “rock” of His truth, a marriage that will last. To be unequally yoked is not a wise or safe way to accomplish that goal.

We also cannot conduct a wedding for any couple unless they have known each other for a minimum of 6 months, and unless they agree to go through pre-marital counseling, either with one of our pastoral staff or with someone we recommend. We have set this policy because we believe it will help couples understand God’s principles for marriage, and we believe that those principles, if applied, will make for a strong, life-long marriage.

We ask that you please not try to do this pre-marital counseling at the last minute, with the date for your wedding already set. A wiser attitude would be to come for the counseling when you are first considering marriage. After all, marriage is the most important decision any person can make in life outside of yielding their life to Christ! It should not be entered into hastily or casually. The pre-marital course is designed to help you consider and think through the issues you will have to deal with as marriage partners, to see if in fact you are compatible with the person you are considering marrying. It will help you “count the cost” to be sure you’re ready for this big step.

As for costs and procedures, please take note of the following:

Cost for use of our sanctuary for your wedding – $300. This covers our pastor’s services as well as sound person, and basic set-up, etc.  If you wish to have your reception in our Multi-Purpose Room, we require an additional $100, plus an additional $150 if we must do all clean-up. If you provide clean-up, the $100 fee will be sufficient. We require a down payment of $50 to reserve our facilities.

Any multi-media you might wish to use must be submitted for testing (to avoid any last minute technical difficulties) at least one day prior to the actual wedding.


Our Baptism Policy

If you are considering water baptism for yourself or someone you love, it’s important that you understand what baptism is all about. We want you to know our policy regarding this important ordinance of the Church.

At Jesus Chapel, we do not baptize infants or small children. We believe the scriptures teach that baptism is strictly for those who are of sufficient age to understand its meaning. Baptism, according to the New Testament, is for those who have repented of their sins and surrendered their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It is symbolic of death and burial (see Romans 6:3-9). That is, when we truly repent and turn our lives over to Christ, we realize that our old self, who we were without Christ, who we were “in Adam,” has died and must be buried. As we put to death our “old man,” we can then be spiritually “resurrected” to live a new life by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is what baptism stands for. It is a fundamental teaching of Christianity. We believe this concept is not understandable to an infant or young child. So although we do not set a certain age limit, we do believe it necessary to speak with anyone desiring baptism to make sure they are old enough and cognizant enough to understand what it is they are doing in being water baptized. Parents wishing their children to be baptized are asked to bring their child and meet with a pastor, so that it can be determined if they are sufficiently mature and spiritually aware for this step.

Likewise, any adult who has surrendered to the Lordship of Christ and would like to obey the Lord’s commandment to be water baptized should make an appointment with one of our pastors to discuss the meaning of this important step and make sure they’re ready for it. Please contact our office and we’ll be happy to make an appointment for this purpose. We schedule baptisms from time to time throughout the year, as the need arises.  One further point – we believe in baptism by full immersion, as a symbol of death, burial, and resurrection. If you have any physical condition which would interfere with this, please be sure to speak with us about it and we will try to accommodate your special need. Otherwise, please be prepared to go under the water! Further details will be discussed when you meet with a pastor.


Our Policy for Dedicating Babies and Children

At Jesus Chapel, we do not baptize or “christen” children. We believe baptism is for adults who understand its full meaning. However, we do dedicate babies and young children to the Lord, because we see this in the scriptures. In the Old Testament, God gave clear direction about how babies were to be presented to Him. And in the New Testament, even our Lord Jesus Christ Himself was presented in the Temple. (See Luke 2). For this reason, we are happy to present infants before the Lord and the congregation and pray God’s blessing upon them. However, in saying this, we must also point out that the very best way to “bless” a child is not simply to have a minister pray over them one time, but rather, it is to have godly parents who live a godly and spiritual life before their children and who routinely pray for them and for the entire family. For this reason, when we dedicate a child to the Lord, we always start by asking the parents if it is their intention to raise the child as the Bible teaches, “in the training and admonition of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). Upon their acceptance of this responsibility, we always pray first for the parents and extended family, that God might help them be that godly example and be those intercessors their child is going to need all of their life. Only then do we turn and pray for the child and dedicate him/her to the Lord.We do not generally agree to pray over parents or children who are not members of our church, or who don’t live here in our area, as this goes against the principle just stated, that the best way to bless a child is for the parents to love the Lord and live the Christian life before their children. We urge those from out of town to have their children dedicated at their own local church, where they can be among people who know and care for them and will help them in their spiritual walk. If you agree with this approach, and would like your child presented to the Lord in a service, all you need do is contact one of our pastors and make arrangements, and as soon as it is feasible, we will be happy to pray over you and dedicate your child.

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