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Our Staff

Robert Dominguez

Spanish Service Director

I was four years old the first time I walked through the doors of Jesus Chapel.  As a child, it was fun and exciting to learn about Jesus and how much He loves us.  This wonderful truth that was faithfully poured into me at home and at church became the foundation that I would grow on.  But as I grew and entered my teenage years, cracks in that foundation started to form.

As I walked closer with the world and further away from God, my young life began to fall apart.  I was diagnosed with major depression by the age of 13. I stopped going to school for days and even weeks at a time.  As my grades, friendships, and relationship with God faded, so did my motivation, purpose, and hope.  But God wasn’t finished with me yet!  Through the redeeming grace of God and the powerful prayers and support of my family and Jesus Chapel, my trust and hope in Him returned.  I was able to graduate high school, enroll at UTEP, and even serve as student body president. The greatest blessing, though, was receiving my calling to ministry. I am now excited to share the truth I first learned here at Jesus Chapel with others: Jesus loves us!

Jill Giallanza

Children’s Pastor

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 11 and my parents, siblings and I were all baptized together soon afterwards. My family and I grew through the years to love and serve the Lord and were a part of the beginnings of the first Jesus Chapel in east El Paso. I met my husband of 30+ years, Evan Giallanza, in youth group there. We later married and were honored to serve the Lord together for over 30 years, first on the eastside and then here on the westside at Jesus Chapel.

I have had the privilege of teaching and loving children for over 25 years both at Jesus Chapel School and the Church. I love the Word of God and find it exciting to create lessons, teach, and love God’s precious children.  I have a desire to see the GOOD NEWS catch the hearts of kids and move mightily in their lives so that they would know  Jesus in a personal way as Lord and Savior.

Not everyone is blessed with their dream job. I am. I am so blessed.

Reyna Esparza

Middle School Pastor/Youth Touch Pastor

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 2005 after living in the occult for many years. I hadn’t realized I was living in such darkness until the light of Christ shone so bright that I could see no other life but the one He would have for me. I have since dedicated my life to serving Him in any capacity to which I am able. I currently work on all the media needs at Jesus Chapel, as well as office needs.

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Office Hours: Tuesday – Friday 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

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